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SheaCon 2023

Hey! A great deal has happened in the past few months. Some big family changes happened in June that have set my life upside down. These changes will probably affect my release rate for the next few books. However, thankfully, The Shadow Elf's Mission appears to be on schedule, and I should be able to release it as planned in early October.

Don't worry. I have every intention of getting back into the swing of writing as soon as possible and will be working on the next Courts in Conflict novella as soon as possible.

Knight narrowly avoiding a white cat and knocking over a cup of coffee

In other news, I am attending SheaCon 2023 as a guest author panelist. I will be answering all kinds of questions posed by her readers on Discord and Facebook about writing, my books, and my future plans. I am crazy excited! Plus, there are so many other fun things planned: coloring pages, games, trivia, and book talk galore.

SheaCon is a weekend dedicated to the romance author K.M. Shea (also known as Kitty). It is held on a Discord server on July 28th-30th US Central time. The link to the special Discord server where SheaCon is held will be posted in the afternoon of the first day of the event on Kitty’s Discord server and on her Facebook group:

By the way, I am a huge K.M. Shea fan and definitely recommend her books if you enjoy mine. ❤️

Come and join us on July 28th-30th!

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