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Writing Update!

I am currently wrestling through the emotional turning point of Favian and Cersei's relationship in The Shadow Elf's Mission. Then it is just a few scenes until the action picks up. I can see my way to the end, and I am super excited for what is to come!

The Unseelie's Wallflower is with beta readers. As soon as I get it back from them, it will be time to process edits before sending it out to my editor. I can't wait to share my intense Darcy-like hero with you. And Lyra was a delightful character to write. I loved her sweet boldness.

As for what is to come, I am debating my next project. I considered diving into a gargoyle series and writing the Courts of Conflict series simultaneously. However, none of my current gargoyle brainstorming ideas are grabbing my interest at the moment, so I am not sure. I have time to decide, though. Another thought was a new shiny idea, but it will need more development first. We shall see.

What are you hoping for next?

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