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Welcome to the Nations of Reverie!

South of the Arista Peaks, Reverie is a region bound by contention, drama, and adventure. The inhabitants range from the elegant and aloof elves (light, shadow, and twilight) to the fractious humans, the indigenous species of the area. Elves rule in relative peace, secure in their powers. Gargoyles master the air currents in the north while the woodwose keep to themselves, tending their small corner. The humans, the fourth major species, demand the title by sheer numbers alone. Humans are a violent and short-lived but tenacious group. However, all the magical and unmagical (human) inhabitants of Reverie share a common enemy, the magus lamias.

Unnatural creatures born of blood and greed, magus lamias were once human and incapable of producing or using magic. Only through torturous rites and horrific methods do they sell their souls in exchange for power. Through immoral means, they steal magic from those who create naturally, draining them dry. Ravenous in their hunger, they destroy all they touch, consuming in their quest to dominate and conquer.

It all begins with The Elves of Eldarlan and The Elven Spymaster’s Thief.

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