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Pre-summer Writing Update

My family started our summer break with a virus that went through the whole household. Praise the Lord, we recovered just fine. I am still coughing a bit, but we are almost completely back to normal after two weeks of chaos.

Despite this, I am poised for a summer full of writing plans. I have a big project that I have to finish for my Rachel Rossano brand (Cecily's Quest, a Robin Hood/Month Brothers mashup), but immediately afterward, I am hoping to pound out the next three novellas in the Elves of Eldarlan series...and plan out the first three novellas in a new spin-off series set in the same world where I expand beyond the elves. The question is which direction to go. I have ideas for Unseelies/Seelies, Gargoyles, Woodwose, and more. So many ideas. 😊 I can't wait to develop them all!

For now, this is a tentative plan for the next two books in the Elves of Eldarlan series:

The Elven Healer's Apprentice

Merlon, my Bones (think Star Trek) inspired healer, encounters a patient who sees through his bluster and discovers what he is hiding. Snark and sparks should make this a fun project.

The Shadow Elf's Mark

Favian, an experienced Shadow Elf warrior, has only seen his fated mate from a distance. When offered the opportunity to be near her, he jumps at it. Unrequited love and a plot to stir up trouble between allies, this one should be great fun to write.

Do either of these ideas grab you?

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