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New Release and a Cover Reveal!

New Release!

In a world full of elves, woodwose, gargoyles, and brownies, shadow elves are the most feared. Casimir, brother of the elven king’s spymaster, is constantly reminded of this reputation in his service to his brother and his king. Now, dying slowly at the hands of a crazed magus, he holds no hope of rescue. Who would risk their life for a nightmare like him?

Veta lives to protect her younger half-brother, so when their village is raided, she exchanges her life for his. Dragged into a magus’ horrifying workroom in the depths of his fortress, she comes face to face with a nightmare, a shadow elf. However, tortured and dying, he clearly poses no danger. That is until he offers her a bargain.

The Shadow Elf’s Rescuer is a light, fantasy romance novella with a romance between an attractive and intense warrior elf and a courageous human girl. It features forbidden friends to lovers, kidnapping, peril, and an accidental bond.

Now Available!

Cover Reveal

The King of Eldarlan hates parties. Superficial conversations and social niceties never come easy for him. When cursed to host human princesses at a party every night, he considers it mild torture until an unusual princess appears one night. Wrapped in a worn robe with bare feet and tousled hair, she intrigues him immediately

Kate had been a princess only a matter of hours before being pulled from her bed by a magical spell. It drops her in an enchanted garden populated by silent elves and princesses of various ages. Attempting to avoid the unsolicited advice of her new peers, she retreats to the dark hedge maze where she encounters her host.

The Elf King’s Sacrifice is a light, fantasy romance novella with a romance between a powerful elf king and an unusual human princess. It features friends to lovers amid curses and chronic illness. Also included is a marriage of necessity, an adorable puppy, and a relaxed alpha hero.

Coming September 6, 2022!

Preorder Now!

Sneak Peek for The Elf King's Sacrifice


She turned around. Wide-eyed, she searched the shadows where I stood, offering me the perfect opportunity to examine her without her knowledge. Barefoot and bundled in a worn velvet robe the color of emerald moss and belted at the waist, I could discern very little about her form. She was a tiny thing, even for a human. Was she even full-grown? Mentally measuring her against the adult princesses infesting my palace grounds, I knew for certain she wasn’t nearly as tall. Had I gained with yet another child princess to care for?

“My apologies. I was told I could explore. Was that incorrect?” Her dark eyes watched the hedge a little to my left. A slight frown pulled at her generous mouth as she peered into the wispy shadows that I had gathered around me when she had first intruded on my haven. Not a hint of fear flickered among the curiosity in her inquisitive gaze.

“It depends,” I answered.

Her eyebrows, slender wings of darkness against her pale skin, rose. “On what?”

“Who you are.”

She considered this for a moment. Tilting her head slightly to the side, her eyes glinted beneath dark lashes. I couldn’t discern their true color, but they were alight with intelligence and a flicker of amusement. “There is something exceptionally odd about introducing oneself to a hedge. Might I see your face?”

I allowed my shadow form to slip slightly, allowing her to see the outline of my figure against the leaves behind me.

She gasped softly and took a half step backward. “You are taller than I thought.”

“You are short for a human,” I observed. “Are you full grown?”

Instead of acting offended and running off, the reaction I had come to expect from my other guests whenever I had spoken to them, she laughed softly. “At thirty years old, I am unlikely to grow any more. I am not familiar with your kind, sir, whatever you are, but humans usually attain their full height before they reach twenty years.”

I nodded. “Then you are full grown.”

“And quite acclimated to it.” She flashed me a cheeky grin before turning away to move back toward the statue in the center of the space. “Who is this?”

“Why do you wish to know?”

She glanced over her shoulder. “The statue is interesting. Is he an ancient king, a war victim, or perhaps some stuffy politician?” She considered the statue with a slight frown as she tightened the belt of her robe and plunged her hands into the pockets.

“None of those, I hope,” I responded. “Are you cold?”

She shook her head. “What do you mean, you hope?”

Dropping my shadow form, I stepped into the halo of light around the statue. “Because it is of me.”

She turned to confront me. “But you look nothing—”


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